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Near Field Communication – The World’s Gone Wireless

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Our state of technology has moved very aggressively towards a completely wireless world.  First there were wireless telephones.  Next came wireless Internet.  And now there even exist certain technologies that allow for wireless charging.  Yet despite how wonderful it is being completely cut from the cord, I believe Near Field […]

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Why you should read the Bible

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Now before you disregard this article because you think I’m a religious evangelical, I’m quite the contrary.  Depending on the mood I’m in, I’m either an atheist or an agnostic.  So why on earth would I actively promote everyone to read the bible?  Below I’ve compiled a list of reasons. […]

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Scale of the Universe

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I’ve always had an appreciation for websites that incorporate interactive graphics to show cool scientific ideas.  A couple sites that come to mind include The University of Utah’s Genetic website and the Harvard BioVisions website.  However, personally one takes the cake above all others: Scale of the Universe. This site creates a flash […]

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