Being the knowledge fiend that I am, I find just about everything there is in life interesting; I truly have an interest in everything. Not only do I try to absorb and learn as much as I can, I also like to actively includes others knowing their insight can provide valuable insight and a fresh perspective. I initially started just conversing amongst my friends, however I wanted to expand to a larger population. And what better way to reach the world than through the Internet. Thus ThoughtChalk was born.

The intent of ThoughtChalk is to bring you EVERYTHING INTERESTING from all aspects of life and have an open mind to knowledge in general. It began because I realized that in the average day, I think WAY too much, and I think about the most random things. For example, one night I could not fall asleep because I was wondering why certain roads were concrete and others asphalt? Most people would just let such frivolous questions dissolve into the infinite empty abyss of forgotten thoughts, but my insatiable curiosity makes it impossible for me to let any question go unanswered.

Whether the subject be nature, technological advancements, or people, it doesn’t matter…no subject will go unbroached. That’s why I’ve chosen not to specialize in any particular subject matter.  Instead, I chose to bring to your attention anything I believe will spark your intellectual curiosity and leave you walking away thinking “hmm…that was interesting.”

As with all intellectual pursuits, I believe in the power of many inputs, where each perspective provides new insight. Therefore I urge you, the reader, to comment and contribute to the blog, to only further promote spreading all that is interesting. Essentially this blog was originally derived from being a collection of all my daily musings and has expanded to the site it is today.

So as promised, my website brings to you “An Interest in Everything….and Everything Interesting.”