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You’ve got something on your face…

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Let’s start with a little exercise. Below is a picture of a woman touching her face.  Now imagine she is telling you, “you’ve got something on your face” and then she gestures the following…







Which side of the face do you touch?  Do you “mirror” her and touch you left?  Or do you touch the anatomically correct side and touch your right? Or do you just wipe your whole face to avoid confusion?

Now I know this is a silly thing to obsess over, but my entire life I’ve been the second of the three options; I go to the anatomically correct side.  This has been a source of confusion for years because I am almost always corrected and told,  “no the other side.” I never understood why I was consistently ‘wrong.’ I mean, I am touching the correct side of the face, so how am I always incorrect?

It wasn’t until my mid twenties I realized that the majority of people in the world “mirror.” Ever since, I’ve tried little social experiments while eating meals with friends and family, where I would tell them, “You’ve got something on your face” even though they were clean, and observe their reaction.  Though these numbers are not an exact science, I noticed 7/10 people would mirror, 2/10 would go anatomically correct, and 1/10 just went for the entire face.  Don’t quote me on those are evidence based.

Next questions, for which I don’t have any answers for, is are there behavioral differences associated with whichever category you fall into? Is it related to your ability to communicate?   By being a mirror-er, maybe you understand the most effective way to communicate for someone else to understand.  Or could it be related to your level of empathy?  By being a anatomically correct person, do you visual things from another person perspective?

I don’t have the answers to those questions.  My thoughts about everything essentially ended there.  But I find it mildly interesting nonetheless.  Try it out on your friends, and see what category they fall into.