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Guys are Stupid and Girls are Crazy

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Yep, I said it….and I absolutely mean it.  And for emphasis, I’ll say it again….”Guys are stupid and girls are crazy.”

No one can doubt that the two genders are inherently different.  We are wired differently, in fact there is indeed scientific evidence supporting this claim.  From a behavioral standpoint, we interact amongst our respective sexes very differently, as “evidenced” by these two less-than scientific youtube videos Boys will be Girls and Girls will be Boys.  And yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, so please don’t argue these to prove that I am “wrong.”  As I continue, I will assume the theoretical normal bell curve of gender based differences.

So let’s return back to my obviously offensive claim.  This overly simplified and sensationalized quote is actually meant to convey how we as sexes think about or deal with things.  In general, the inherent difference is that guys think too little and a girl thinks too much.  I often joke that for a guy, his mathematically decision formula is x+y=z.  He forgets to incorporate other important factors, and misses the entire context of the problem.  A girl’s equation, in contrast, is x+y=z, given A=B and B ? C, but only on wednesday.  Clearly this is tongue and cheek, but it does convey how many external factors influence each decision and often may be variable.  Think about the last argument you had with your significant other, chances are the argument stems from these inherent differences.

To further support gender differences, I’ll provide another semi-related subject.  For example, when it comes to directions, guys think in cardinal directions while girls think “point-to-point.”  To elaborate, guys typically think of directions in this form–“Go north on the 101, exit Embarcadero and head west, you’ll drive about a mile and the house is on the left at El Camino.”  Girls typically view directions differently–“Go up the 101 like you’re headed to Stanford, exit Embarcadero and go left.  Keep driving until you see a Trader Joe’s on the right, and the house is directly across the street.”  For more evidence, check out the Washington Post article.  Although on loosely related to “thinking too much or too little,” the act of giving directions demonstrates this difference.  Girls like to provide full contextual background and detailed information while the guy will only give directions in it’s stripped down form.

Although I can’t find empirical evidence (for now) of the difference that “guys think too little” and “girls think too much,”  tt won’t stop me from trying, and I doubt you will argue with me over making this assumption.  If you are, you are either living under a rock or just don’t believe the truth, for some reason or another.  I digress, we should return to my point.

Let’s face it, this is fact.  It has been a part of human nature for as long as we have been walking on two feet.  Now I know there will always be those who say ,”well, I’m not like that!” I hate to burst your bubble, but you are probably the ones who are actually perpetuating the stereotype.   Not realizing who you are, both your feats and your flaws, is called denial.  Another common and overplayed retort is, “yeah but guys can be crazy or girls can be stupid.”  Yeah, no shit Sherlock!  Once again, there are always exceptions to the rules, and life exist in shades of grey that my “black and white” comment doesn’t encompass.

Now there is a method to my madness, and bringing up such a charged and sexist comment has a poignant purpose.  I wanted to discuss this topic in order to help each and everyone of us understand ourselves better to help us interact with others.  Think of classic heterosexual couple.  It is inevitable that an argument will arise between the couple, and often times the problem can, and will, be exacerbated by either our respective inherent flaws.  Maybe the guy is being insensitive to the amount of effort the woman underwent for her boyfriend.  Or the in the latter situation, the girl is incorporating multiple stressful events and bringing irrelevant instances to the argument.

What’s the take home message?  It is inevitable that we are going to make mistakes.  The most important thing is that we recognize are mistakes and can apologize for our faults.  I mean, isn’t that the sign of a healthy relationship?  Sometimes you have to lay down the sword and say, “Sorry, I was wrong.”  So back to the infamous quote, it is inevitable that a guy will under think of a situation, and in turn hurt is girlfriend because of his stupidity.  Conversely, a girl will over think of situation, and create an entire scenario within their head that is based on crazy speculation, and will blame the guy for what he actually didn’t do.  As long as soon afterwards, you can admit your mistake (and given this is not a recurring theme, of course) then you are in the clear.  Like my boss always said, “it’s only the smart people who know how truly dumb they are, and the sane who know how crazy they can be.”

I urge you, embrace your flaws.  Because if you truly recognize and internalize them, only then can you better deal with them.  Guys are stupid because quite often, they don’t think enough.  Girls are crazy because they over analyze scenarios.

In short, I’m a boy.  I can’t help it that I am genetically prone to being stupid.  It’s written within the Y chromosome. Take this blog post as a prime example, I’ve clearly under thought something, and I’m gonna catch flak for it.  But at least I know I am stupid, and I will continue to do my best to ensure that, at the very least, I don’t act stupid all the time.  :)