Turntable.fm – Music is FINALLY Social

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It’s about time that a social music sharing site has been developed.  Music is inherently a social construct of mankind.  Music is written to appeal to the masses.  We go to bars and clubs to listen to the lastest music.  Despite the obvious fact that we enjoy music socially, for some reason or another, music never infiltrated the social networking realm….until now!

I’m talking about Turntable.fm. This website is solely dedicated to creating a social platform to share music amongst friends and complete strangers.  The concept is simple.  Anyone can create a “listening room” where 1 to 5 DJs can alternating playing music.  Once a room is created, a seemingly indefinite number of fans can listen to music.  The DJs proceed to play music, in their respective order, to the listening crowd.  Everyone within the room, DJs and Fans alike, can then chose to like or dislike the song.  Each time a song is liked, the DJ earns points.  If the song is disliked enough, it will automatically switch to the next DJ.  Naturally, as you gain points, you gain more access and features to the website, so there is an incentive to become an involved participant.

Now I know internet music sites have been around for a while.  Pandora, still one of my favorite websites that I use almost daily, is a wonderful resource to find new and old music similar in style to any user defined songs and/or artist.  However, Pandora doesn’t know who YOU, the listener, really is.  With it’s music genome, it can guess songs you may like based on suggestions, but it lacks a certain human element.

Then there is Grooveshark.  It’s pretty much the exact same as pandora, but it allows for more user customizability.  You still can load songs and have the radio deduce what songs it best assumes you would like.  However this time, you can make your own playlists, very similar to iTunes or Winamp or any personal computer music player.  Yet it lacks share-ability.

Turntable finally figured it out.  Now it’s easy, and quite frankly rather fun, to share music with anyone.  So whether you want to create a room with a friend, or go sharing music with strangers, it brings back the human element.  There is countless marketing data that suggest the power of an friends influence, and turntable built their system off of that premise.  In the first week that I’ve used it, I’ve discovered music that I wold never personally come across if a friend hadn’t shown me.  Plus it’s nice to sometimes just sit back and let someone else choose the music I’m listening to.  Serendipity does wonders.