Mac or PC?

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When was the last time you’ve heard anyone ask the question, “Do you prefer Mac or PC?”  It seems the age of the platform rivalry, at least from a consumer point of view, has fizzled away.  Most of us spend the vast majority of our time online, where the information is displayed equally on both mac, pc, linux, chrome OS or any other type of operating systems; so it really doesn’t matter what type of computer we use to access the internet, it will appear the same to all users.  And with the development of Apple computer’s with Intel, Mac’s can now seamlessly run Windows on a native platform.  If you are indeed limited to off-line traditional programs, you still have the option to use any operating system on one computer.

Despite all of that, people still choose between computer types.  My question is WHY?  What elements about each respective machine/operating system draws you?  Is it the elegance of Macs?  Or maybe the vast number of programs available for PC?  Or just to shake things up, maybe the versatility and programability of Linux?  Go to the end of this page and vote….I would love to see user feedback.

(Two side notes:  One, I found a very intriguing infographic comparing “Mac people” and “PC people.”  I’ve also posted the image below.  Two, and this will probably be a blog post in future, but it seems the mobile industry has become the new war zone between competing operating systems.  How many times have your seen headlines for iPhone versus Android versus Windows Phone?  So in the next coming weeks, I’ll post the question asking you which you prefer)