Lytro – Future of Photography

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Camera technology has progressed rapidly since the first camera was created in the 1800’s. Throughout the entire timeline of cameras, there have been major leaps in technological advancement that have ushered in a new era of photography.  The development of color photographs, the invention of the flash bulb, polaroid photographs, and digital technology have all been monumental advancements.  Now, for the first in over 20 years, there has been a major upgrade in camera technology–and it’s called Lytro.

Lytro, a Mountain View based company, has developed a new method of image capturing that allows photos to instantly capture with no need to focus.  Rather than aggregating all light from one field of focus to create a picture, it takes in the entire light field and uses software algorithms rather than hardware components to analyze the image.  With these complicated software formulas, it can store more information at a quicker rate.  And here is the best part, it allows you to adjust the focus of the image AFTER THE PHOTO has been taken.  Yes, you heard correctly.  And given you don’t have to focus the image beforehand, there is no need for the camera to mechanically focus, saving even those last few hundredths of a second that even the fastest digital cameras still require.

Now the science is well beyond my scope, so I’ll simply redirect to their website to better explain their revolutionary product. And please, enjoy the video. Since I am such a picture whore, I can’t wait until I can afford this camera.