What’s your Z-Talent?

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A Z-Talent is defined as a talent that is obscure and unique to you, where you show exceptional prowess,  but is not actually useful in normal society.  Unlike other talents, it’s not something you necessarily can practice in order to cultivate and hone your skills (ie. playing the piano, acrobatics, etc). Instead, it is something for which, without even trying, you demonstrate an uncanny ability.

Here are some examples:

My friend, who originally told me about Z-Talents, is incredible with analogies.  She can make the most obscure connections in her head that end up PERFECTLY relating to whatever we were originally referring to.

My brother can recite everything there is to know about serial killers, ranging from the number of murders they committed to their original home town.

Another friend has an incredible ability to think up party theme slogans.  His use of word mismatching and “play-on-words” is unparalleled.

My roommate can snap his fingers in between his knuckles so loudly, it sounds like he is clapping.

I’m sad to report that I have yet to determine my Z-Talent.  However, I was reassured by my friend that “theres no need to force finding a Z-Talent because you’ll know when you have found yours.  You usually realize you have one after many people have commented on a certain ability of yours and been impressed or shocked by how good you are at it while in your mind you have always found it normal and something that comes completely naturally to you.”  So essentially, it’s not that I don’t have a Z-Talent, I just haven’t realized mine yet!