Watch today’s rare total lunar eclipse from anywhere in the world

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Two of my favorite geeky topics, google and space, come together in this post. There is going to be a rare, 100-minute long total lunar eclipse today, starting at 11:20am PDT. Of course, people like me, living in California, would miss the event entirely – except that we can now watch it live thanks to Slooh (an organization that streams live images of space from robotic satellites) in partnership with Google!

Watch the live stream at Google’s YouTube channel, download the Sky layer for Google Earth, or if you’re on the go, get the Slooh SpaceCamera Android App and revel in the lunar glory from anywhere that you have cell coverage.

Americans won’t get a chance to see a total lunar eclipse with their own two eyes for another three years (Apr 15, 2014 to be exact). Until then… good luck online moon-watching!

[source: google blog]