Even Terrorists have sexual needs

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Now this might be the best news I have seen so far since the first news broke out about Osama Bin Laden.  In addition to his general hatred towards western civilization, and particularly the US, Osama seems to have a pension for porn.  Fox News reported that the compound where Osama was shot and killed had an “extensive porn stash.”  Upon reading, I couldn’t help but smile.

I mean I can’t blame the guy.  You have the entire world hunting you, so naturally you need to maintain a low profile.  That means limiting the amount of visitors, or in this case female visitors, in order to stay hidden.  But underneath the murderous zealotry and abhorrence of capitalist society that Osama openly portrays, he is still just a man….and men have needs.

I imagine his stash to be entirely of american women, just because of the irony.  That would make it THAT much better.  Well at least he came from a rich family….how else would he afford all the tissue and lotion?  #sorryhadtodoit

More jokes are welcome…