What Superpower would you choose and WHY?

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It’s the age old question we are asked since we first began fantasizing about superhuman powers.  We watch the classic heros like Superman, Spiderman, and the X-men and we day dream about what we would do if we had the powers they possess.  While at a friend’s birthday party last weekend, we were all asked this question and the responses were both entertaining and enlightening.  Some were quite clichéd, like being able to fly, or to have the power of invisibility.  Others were very particular, such as never needing to sleep and always feeling wide awake.

What was most intriguing with my friends’ responses is that it was quite transparent why they chose their respective superpower.  As if their power manifested itself from the core one’s core characteristics.  It was a combination of 1) what things that person enjoys, 2) what they wish they could do, and 3) where they are in their life.  The best example to elucidate what I’m trying to convey is that a medical student was the one wishing for the ability to never sleep.  Given her notoriously busy schedule while in school (point #3), she wishes she could have more time to study without being exhausted (point #2) and being able to still have time to hang out with her friends (point #1).

What about you?  What superpower would you choose?  And once you come to your conclusion, reflect upon “WHY?” you chose that particular trait.  You may learn something about yourself that you never realized.