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Futurity – For the Scientist in Us All

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I am a scientist by profession, and although I read scientific articles daily, I appreciate finding resources that detail science outside of my expertise.  My work is so specific that I often get wrapped up only in the immunological work I deal with, and the typical reading is dense and unexciting.  So when I find websites like Futurity.org, it’s a breath of fresh air to find profound scientific innovations, in all disciplines, easy to read and all in one place.

Futurity collects the latest research in science and technology from the top universities and institutions from around the world.  Their subjects include, but are not limited to, medicine, earth sciences and culture.  I believe they successfully “translate” this research so that any individual, with no understanding of the actual academic field, could understand and appreciate the material.  So for the intellectually curious such as myself, this is a wonderful distraction and hiatus from work while still keeping your brain sharp.  I visit daily, and there is always something intriguing.  Who knows, you may become as addicted as I am.