Inspirational Movie Speeches

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Every inspirational movie needs one, and many movies are immortalized by them.  Those sappy moments of which we can’t seem to get enough.  When the protagonist utters the words that send chills down our spine, yet simultaneously fills us with hope and triumph. Obviously I am referring to inspirational movie speeches, and I, for one, absolutely adore them.

Recently I was channel surfing through the TV channels, and came across Independence Day.  The movie had just started, but I knew I NEEDED to stick around until the inspirational speech.  I had no intention of watching TV for more than a few minutes, but the prospect of watching that speech, probably for the 20th time, overwhelmed my common sense, and I stuck through the entire 1.5 hour movie.  And damn right it was worth it.

Now filled with inspiration, I sought to find the best, and worst, of movie speeches.  After a few Google searches, I came across quite a few sites providing their subjective lists, and commentary, of their top choices. Top 15 Speeches and 50 Most Inspiring Movie Speeches both seem to share the same opinion on their top 10.  Just glancing over the list, from the movies that I have seen, I wholeheartedly agree.  But what about you?  Which is your favorite from this list of 10? VOTE HERE

Finding an equivalent “Worst Movie Speeches” List was much more challenging.  I stumbled upon dozen of sites dedicated to ripping apart the worst quotes or critizing the worst movie acceptance speeches, but none seemed to delve into the worst “inspirational speeches.”  Essentially what I’m looking for a is any speech that just failed.  Since I clearly have an opinion about everything, I do have ONE such speech that comes to mind.  Elizabeth Turner’s speech from Pirates of the Carribean 3 is just awful.  Her voice doesn’t project, making her sound weak, and it doesn’t help that this battle is one of the most unrealistic and terribly shot scenes in cinematic history, making the overall experience emotionally uninteresting.  Sorry Keira Knightley, you are stunningly gorgeous, but I just don’t see you leading a horde of pirate ships to naval victory.  Fail!

I usually prefer to always end on a positive high note, so behold what true inspiration looks like.  Matthew Belinkie creatively cropped 40 Inspirational Movie Speeches into one masterfully constructed 2 minute video.  It draws portions of the speech from each of the represented movies and weaves the newly synthesized production into a somewhat comprehensible, and thoroughly chilling, inspirational speech.  It is complemented with the stereotypical symphonic music, complete with the uplifting crescendo that culminates in crashing of the cymbals, the blaring of the brass section, and wondrous sound of applause.  By concluding with a montage of the most triumphant moments in filmography, this video truly exudes inspiration.  I honestly got chills dozens of times.  It’s also interesting to note how mathematical an inspirational speech can be, but that is for another time.  For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the manifestation of inspiration in video form.