Today’s Big Thing

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We all have, and we all need, those websites we visit daily to take a mental break from the work we do.  Sometimes our brain just becomes fried thinking too much, so we recharge by mind-numbingly browsing the internet through an assortment of videos/pictures/websites/etc.  We all obviously visit Facebook, and other giants such as, FunnyorDie and CollegeHumor are other favorites amongst internet surfers.  I wanted to add one somewhat less well-known favorite of mine: Today’s Big Thing.

Today’s Big Thing is beautifully designed due to it’s simplicity.  Many of the other similar websites add so much content per day, it’s hard to keep up with the latest in internet meme’s without spending all day on their website.  Today’s Big Thing makes it much easier by only posting ONE item chosen to be the best of that day.  (Technically they add one per category, of which they only have 7, but you get the point).  Because there is so little content, this is the perfect pit stop from work.   You can take a break confidently knowing that it won’t turn into an hour of wasted time aimlessly clicking through your internet browser.

Today’s Big Thing….go bookmark it right now. Cheers.