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Charlie Sheen’s Gone Crazy

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If you haven’t heard in the news recently about Charlie Sheen’s antics, you must be living under a rock.  The erratic behavior climaxed a few days ago when he went on a tirad complaining about the creator of his show “Two and a Half Men.”  The ABC news article goes on to give a full analysis of the cursing rant that Sheen gives, and I must it admit, it is awesome.

Now there are enough articles covering him in the news, simply Googling his name will prove that, so I don’t want to recap what has already been written about.  However my roommate showed me one wonderful website that gives a plethora of Sheen quotes that are all equally bizarre yet still hilariously genius.  So if you want waste some time, check out Live the Sheen Dream.

Now I want a Brian Wilson quote generator!