Classic Animated Disney Vs. Computer Animated Pixar

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This might be one of the hardest question I pose, but I feel it spurs a great debate. Between the “classic” animated disney movies and the new age computer animated pixar films, which do you believe are better?

Obviously I know this isn’t a fair question, because how do you determine which is “better” when they are two completely different styles of movies. Nevertheless, I’m still intrigued to learn what qualities people enjoy about each group. To get things started, I’ll provide my two cents.

If I HAD to answer the question, I personally feel the Pixar are movies are better. I chose Pixar for a couple reasons.

1) Pixar’s appeal truly covers all age groups. Whether you are a 5 years old or an 85 years old, Pixar balances it’s appeal so that everyone can find enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong that the classic animated movies also exhibit this quality, but it is primarily geared towards children. Pixar has added a level of complexity and wit that engages the older audience.

2) The story-lines are novel and more unique. Almost every classical Disney movie is based on a well-known book (eg Jungle Book), fairy tale (eg. Cinderalla) or ancient story (eg. Hercules). The are new renditions, and they provide their own personal touch that does make them unique, but they aren’t original to the same extent that the Pixar movies. Two of my favorite examples are Toy Story and Rataouille. They are simply genius. One tells about the secret lives of our children’s toys and the adventures they experience when we aren’t around; the other follows the struggles of a mouse with a pension for cooking on his path to fulling his dream of becoming a culinary master.

I must admit, there is ONE thing Pixar is missing that I believes endears all of us to the old disney flicks….musicals. What person who grew up with the disney movies doesn’t know at least 3 songs, word for word, from their favorite movie? I can sing “I just can’t wait to be King” from Lion King, “Kiss the Girl” from Little Mermaid and as for Aladdin….well I could probably recite every piece of dialogue from that movie. The music added an element that is truly unique to Disney movies. Although each movie is littered with music, it never feels like musical, which often can become exhausting. But Disney movies provide the optimal amount of song and dance that it truly adds to the overall experience. Unfortunately Pixar chose not to have music, I don’t know why they chose to do so, but if they did have songs…..those would be hands down the best movies ever made. Sorry Casablanca and Gone with the Wind.

And I can’t disregard the emotional attach my generation will always have with the Disney flicks. Those movies defined my childhood, so they will always have a place in my heart. I remember the day I went to go see Lion King, and the movie was SOLD OUT. I had to wait a whole week, which equates to a year in the mind of a 7 year old, until I could see it! But when I did, it was worth. Karma also evened things out because I got to play Simba in my third grade play. It is this bond that inextricably binds us to these movies.

So enough about what I think, what do you think?