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Tribute to my fellow bloggers

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I’ve always considered myself a “knowledge fiend,” I simply can’t get enough of learning new things.  (I’ve already explicitly stated that I would watch Modern Marvels for eternity if I could.) My passion to learn and know more drove me to share the random assortment of things I discover through my quest.  Obviously, this idea is not an entirely new concept.  In fact, a few people very close to me have had similar types of websites for years.  I will always try to give credit where credit is do, so I must pay tribute to those who inspired to create ThoughtChalk.

The first blog was actually started by my sister as a side hobby when she and her husband moved to Madrid.  She realized that despite the incredible amount of literature that existed for travelers for every imaginable city around the world, very little existed that could be of use to people MOVING to and actually LIVING in new cities.  The goal of the site was to talk about the day to day things, such as where to buy food, how to navigate the public transit, and even choosing a bank.

Soon her small project expanded and she recruited other friends to join as contributing writers, and the blog expanded very rapidly.  As they expanded, they soon incorporated targeted local ads that generated modest revenue for their efforts.  With their success, they decided to take their concept to the next level and are expanding to include more cities all over the world.

From her I learned the beauty and ease of using WordPress as an engine, and with her marketing background, I utilized her expertise to make my blog an effective website.  Without her guidance, ThoughtChalk wouldn’t exist….now let’s just see how successful it will become.

The Scrambler, started by a good friend of mine, is a news aggregator dedicated to bringing the average user the “best of the web.” He surfs through the internet, and once her finds interesting articles, he uses his site as a central hub to bring all the information to one location.  His subject matter ranges from politics to sports, and everything in between.  Like me, he doesn’t limit himself to a specific material to focus on, he shares whatever he chooses is compelling information.  I share his passion for surfing the internet through an endless stream of information and sharing what I find intriguing.  It is this very quality that I sought to replicate in my own blog.

The last of the blogs I want to pay tribute to is Pedantic Posts.  Also started by a friend, this blog is in the same vein as The Scrambler, but has certain definable differences.  His approach isn’t just about sharing other articles he comes across on the internet, he composes his own articles covering many different subject matter.  His style of writing is very “high level thinking” and he often covers material that no one would usually think about, but will nonetheless walk away being impressed.  Also like the Scrambler, he let’s no subject matter go untouched, so the reader can never anticipate what he wil write next.  I thoroughly appreciated the new insight he brought through his on writing, and so I felt if I could successfully mimic this strategy, it would only make my blog that much more intriguing.

All of the blogs touched me and inspired me to create my own.  So thank you, and may I be as successful.