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StumbleUpon – Making Unproductivity Productive

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StumbleUpon is every internet surfers best friend.  It has successfully and very efficiently taken the entire internet, so to speak, and created a means to filter through the endless content to display subject matter that it believes will be interesting to the user.  Here is basically how it works. Once you have signed up for an account, you will go through and fill out your preferences.  For example, I clicked on “Science, Music, Funny, Biology,” just to name a few.  Now the StumbleUpon servers will parce through millions of websites, which originally had been submitted by other users, that fit the parameters you initially set.  Now all you have to do is click a button, it does all the magic, and you will “stumble upon” a website you may never have known existed.  As you continue stumbling, you can give feedback, by either liking or disliking sites, allowing the StumbleUpon servers to learn more about what you like, and can better tailor the information it displays.  It has grown in such popularity, that many websites are incorporating StumbleUpon buttons to help facilitate the user to upload said website to the SU servers….you may have noticed I have this button.

In sum, it’s the best-worst thing that the internet surfer can own.  It is so accurate and so easy, it sucks you in and you can unknowingly stumble upon new sites for hours.  Although 90% of the time I’m on, it’s so I can waste time.  However, I have found websites that I use regular now because of StumbleUpon.  So thank you StumbleUpon, you have made the internet more manageable….and also given me hours of entertainment.  So sign up today, I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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