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Modern Marvels – Best Show on Television

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If heaven exists, I would spend the rest of eternity watching Modern Marvels.  It is without a doubt my favorite show on television, and despite the fact I’ve almost seen every one of it’s almost 600 episodes, many of them more than once, I will continue to watch them for years to come.

The premise of the show is to go into incredible breath and depth into the history, science, technology and societal/cultural influence of many aspects of the world.  I understand I’m being intentionally vague with my description because the subject matter is so diverse that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact theme to the show.  Some subject matter is increibly specific, like “Alumnium” (Season 13, Episode 23) where alumnium is talked about ad noxium.  Other program themes are broader, such as “Bathroom Tech” (Season 10, Episode 12), which includes many different forms of technology within the common bathroom.  Modern Marvels will even attack non-technologically related subject matter, such as “Dogs” (Seaon 17, Episode 5) and “Ben Franklin Tech” (Season 12, Episode 18).  Literally there is no topic they won’t broach.

As the knowledge fiend that I am, Modern Marvels is able to make quench my insatiable curiosity to learn more things.  I have always prided myself that I have a pretty good understanding of a broad range of applications, yet Modern Marvels always manages impress me with the amount of information that I never even had a clue about.

There are many other similar shows, like How It’s Made or the old school children’s show Bill Nye, The Science Guy.  Similar nature style shows like Planet Earth and Life also exist.  But none quite have the finesse and “je ne sais quoi” that make Modern Marvels History channels premier show.  Maybe it’s Max Raphael’s perfectly suited voice, or the incorporation of computer graphics to better display complex concepts, or even the fluidity of the writing progression through the episode.

Whatever it is, it’s working.  The show has been on air for over 15 years, and given the amount of content they have at their disposal, I hope they make it to 1000 episodes.  I implore you, if you haven’t seen an episode, go watch one right now.  I promise, you won’t regret it.