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Scale of the Universe

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I’ve always had an appreciation for websites that incorporate interactive graphics to show cool scientific ideas.  A couple sites that come to mind include The University of Utah’s Genetic website and the Harvard BioVisions website.  However, personally one takes the cake above all others: Scale of the Universe.

This site creates a flash program to make the entire universe scalable and compares common objects  with other random objects to give perspective of their relative size.  There have been other sites that have done this before, but none have included both extremes; from the smallest definable unit of string theory to the entire estimated size of the known universe. It really shows how truly small the smallest can be, and even more mind boggling, as least in my eyes, how big certain celestial bodies can be.

I enjoy the simplicity of the site, and it really just gets you thinking…which is why I started the blog in the first place.  So thank you Primax Studio for giving me hours of entertainment.